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Double Strung

This particular style double strung comes in two sizes - 30 strings or 36 strings. It features a staved back with a narrow soundbox top for comfortable playing. The neck is a unique Sandpiper design, split with the strings exiting from inside the neck. The string courses are spaced one inch apart for easy playing. This beautiful harp is lightly strung and has wonderful clarity and volume.

Levers: Loveland (all strings)
Range on the 30: E2 to f6
Range on the 36: A1 to a6
Option: Decoration


(not shown)

Sandpiper also makes a 32 string double with a flat back soundbox construction and the same split neck design as the staved back. The soundbox top is four inches wide, allowing more soundboard width in the upper octaves for a larger volume.

Levers: Loveland (all strings)
Range: C2 to f6
Option: Decoration

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