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Notice: Effective October 1, 2006 Sandpiper Instruments will no longer be making harp guitars. If you cannot find anyone to make the harp guitar you want, contact Sandpiper, otherwise choose one of the many great harp guitar makers out there.

The Harp Guitar

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A very unique instrument and challenge to play. The guitar features the traditional six guitar strings with a fretted fingerboard centered on the guitar body, six more unfretted strings are suspended to the left of the center strings, and eight wire treble strings are suspended to the right of the center strings for a total of 20 strings.

When played, the sound is like the combination of a steel string guitar, a bass guitar, and a wire strung harp. It is a very striking instrument. John Doan, the master of this guitar, has several tapes and CDs available in most new age music stores.

Strings: Steel
Options: Decoration and choice of wood

Harp Guitar


This style is a departure from the normal equally curved sides of a guitar. The distance across the bass portion of the body is slightly less than the recurved style to allow a player with less "reach" to comfortably play with the right hand and arm. In this particular instrument, the strings are running across the bridge rather than being terminated at the bridge. This stringing method produces a sharper attack on a note and does not have as deep a resonance as a guitar with the strings terminated at the bridge.

Harp Guitar


This is the more "traditional" shape of guitar body. A different method of stringing was used on this guitar than the roundback. The bridge is separated into three sections and the bass section is angled back to gain length in the bass strings. Either method of bridge layout or string attachment may be chosen for use on either guitar body style.

Harp Guitar


This harp guitar features a koa back, honduras rosewood sides and a sitka spruce top. The top has a photograph of the customers children applied under the finish with black inkline artwork around the picture.

Harp Guitar


This is the latest in the evolution of the 20 string harp guitar. The bridges are separate to avoid interaction between string sets. The bass and treble bridges are set back to provide more string length and better tone.

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