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Updated 5/05

The Sandpiper "Rascal"

Really cool little harps! Be the first on your block to have one!!!

rascals rascalpegs rascalpins

These are really great little harps. From the very beginning, they were born to get into a lot of mischief. They are great for healing harp work because of the light weight. They make good harps for your kids, they love to go camping, and to ride around in your VW or SUV.

"Rascal" seemed like an appropriate name and it does fit. The Rascal comes in two varieties. The natural color one has tuning pegs, bridge pins, and three sharping levers per octave. It also has Savarez synthetic fiber strings and produces incredible resonant sound. The blue one has zither pins, no bridge pins and no levers, although it can be fitted with levers. It has nylon strings.

Either harp is available in a natural color, or electric blue, red, yellow, or green. In additon, there are a wide variety of decals available to add decorative touches, especially if the harp is for kids

The harps have 22 strings beginning at the bottom with middle C.

The Rascal with tuning pegs is $850 and the harp with zither pins is $700.

The Sandpiper "Elegance Double"

The Elegance Double strung harp is the original Elegance design, but with two rows of strings. The photos are of a custom harp with extra floral decorations along the beginning of the neck, and extra roses on the base.

The new "Ceilidh" (kay-lee) Harp


The Ceilidh harp is designed to give the utmost in versatility, size and sound for the price.

It is 52 inches high, so it fits in most cars. It has 36 nylon and nylon\bronze strings, with Loveland levers on all of the C, F, and G strings. The note range is B1 in the bass to b6 in the treble.

It is made from California Sycamore wood, and has a Sitka Spruce soundboard and is finished in a durable polyurethane coating.

We have created this harp to satisfy those who are looking for a very good quality instrument that is portable, has plenty of strings, and doesn't look like a cheap entry level instrument.

The price is $2795.00 USD.

The Sandpiper "Elegance" series

The Elegance series is a harp that looks exactly like a pedal harp, but without pedals. It is designed for those that wish to own a stunning instrument with great sound. It is also going to be a popular harp with performers that play weddings, since some wedding clients are expecting a harp that looks like the traditional pedal harp. This harp is available in a variety of veneers, so that the harp looks like fine furniture and be made from woods not normally used for harps because of their lack of strength.

The harp has 38 strings and full Loveland sharping levers, and is strung with nylon and bronze/nylon strings. It is also available as a double strung harp with levers.

The note range is F1 in the bass to a6 in the treble.

The Sandpiper "Jalisco Harp"

The new Jalisco harp is an improved version of the traditional Mexican Jalisco. It has 38 strings and sharping levers on all strings. The ideas for the improvement of this harp originated with Sergio Alonso of the group Los Camperos.

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