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The Paraguayan harp is the national instrument of the country of Paraguay. This instrument has several unique features that make it an outstanding harp.

The harp neck is designed so that the strings come from the center of the neck, eliminating the tendency for the neck to roll over to the left because of string tension as in an Irish harp.

Since the pillar and soundbox don't need to be extra strong to accommodate the "left-sidedness" of the tension, the whole instrument weighs far less than a comparable Irish harp. The traditional Sandpiper Paraguayan harp weighs just 12 pounds if not equipped with sharping levers, and just 16 pounds with sharping levers.

The harp is lightly strung, and has the largest bass volume of all harps played today. The upper register is very bright. Contrary to popular belief, virtually any type of music can be played on this harp, especially if it has sharping levers.

If you are unfamiliar with this harp, just listen to any recording by Alfredo Ortiz, the Maestro of this instrument.



This Paraguayan model is made from Spanish Cedar wood which is the traditional material for these harps. The neck and pillar are separate pieces. The neck plugs into the soundbox, and the pillar and neck are held in place by dowels and the string tension of the harp. This arrangement of separate neck and pillar and choice of wood result in the lightest weight of the Paraguayan models.

This harp has extension legs that protrude from the bottom of the harp soundbox and telescope out about 14" so the performer can play standing up. It also has the traditional short legs protruding from the back. The leg arrangement is a customer choice.



This model is made from Spanish Cedar, but has been stained a cherry/rosewood color. The neck and pillar are one piece and plug into the soundbox. This arrangement is slightly heavier in weight than the traditional model.



This Paraguayan is made from Macassar Ebony. The neck is inlaid with mother-of-pearl around the edges of each face and it also has an inlaid circular pattern on the front of the neck.

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