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This triple harp is designed after an instrument made by Basset Jones around 1850. It features two outer rows of diatonic strings (natural notes), and a center row of chromatic strings (sharps). When playing this instrument, to play a sharp, the harpist reaches in between the strings in either outer row and plucks the center row string.

The triple harps made by Sandpiper may be made with the original neck design in which all of the strings are strung from the left side, or with a more modern neck design with the two outer rows of strings strung from opposite sides of the neck which greatly reduces the tendency for the neck to roll over to the left.

If you're getting bored with your single or double row harp, this is the next harp for your collection!

Strings: 101
Levers: not required
Range: Left row g6 down to G1 (36)
Center row g#6 down to B#1 (34)
Right row a6 down to F2 (31)
Options: Decoration

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